Beginning with shopping centres , malls, houses, apartments, villas,'nalukettu', bridges, churches, temples, meditation centres, wedding auditoriums, schools, colleges, hospitals etc , all



Our commitment to outstanding job completion, exceptional customer service and superior safety performance has made us a partner of choice in the construction industry



Avoiding concrete; Resorts,tree houses,traditional bulidings etc are made by use of archs and columns which are made up of red stone,laterite stone,black stone, bamboo etc will be built by the natural


About Us

Mathruka Constructions started in 1984 in a small village called Kelakam in Kannur and now known as Mathruka Constructions LLP, a well-known company in India with all sophistication in construction. It has many business establishments and more than 200 employees working on it. Mathruka constructions LLP, privately owned company, founded by Mr. Devadasan J.

It is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated on 29 December 2014 ( LLP Identification no:AAD-1188), but having a successful history since 1984.Designated Partners of Mathruka Constructions LLP are Mrs. Sheeja Devadasan, Mrs.Bindu Prasad , Mr. Jnanaprakash M.D,Mr.Godson M.D and Mrs.Samudrasanthi M.D. Mathruka


Our Services

We are continually exploring innovations and technologies that enable us to provide
our clients with the highest quality facility.


A home for you in 100 days . The new hardware, which was created in a partnership with adonit, is also shipping with a suite of new software for ipad including three new apps adobe sketch, adobe line, and photoshop mix.


We Deliver all kinds of materials required for construction to the sites.

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All the tools and machines needed on the site are available for rent. Die kollegien sehen sich nicht in der lage, insbesondere die inklusion wie gew├╝nscht umzusetzen.


Meets client challenges.

Estimating & supervision

Quality of work and service & timely delivery.

3D & Structural designing

Provide all types of small scale and large scale constructions.

Working with us

Comprehensive Construction

Mathruka provide all types of small scale and large scale constructions to the consumer within the constraints of time. Mathruka offers expertise in construction management, general construction, design/build and build-to-suit lease-back.


Our Projects

Mathruka prides itself with meeting client challenges, whether they are budgets, tight schedules, difficult site conditions or unique design.

Our word is our Bond

Mathruka has received praise for its quality work and service, its timely delivery, and ability to remain under the project budget.

Our Latest News

Our values are timeless, and we readily embrace new technologies and new ways to solve the commercial construction industry's greatest challenges.